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  • What Our Doncaster Clients Say About Us

  • I had problems with my fascias and soffits they were in need of some serious repair or I wasn't sure if a fascias and soffits replacement was the better option. And we were concerned about the replacement cost. We contacted Doncaster Fascias and they were clearly fascias and soffits repair specialists. They did an amazing job with our installation and the price was good.

    Christian J. Nevan, Bentley

  • We had some issues with our fascias and soffits and it needed repairing, we loved our home but were concerned about the fascias and soffits cost as this was an older house. We had no need to worry about our fascias and soffits repair as we found Doncaster Fascias, who advertised themselves as fascias and soffits contractors and gave them a call. Alan was amazing, very friendly and helpful, and the did a great job on our fascias and soffits, we love our new fascias and soffits !!

    Michael H. Carter, Doncaster

  • We needed a fascia and soffit replacement, both fascia and soffit needed replacing. We were worried about the cost to replace fascia and soffits. As we had no idea if the whole fascia board replacement was necessary. We googled Doncaster Fascias and contacted Alan, he was so friendly and very professional and did our fascias and soffits.

    Freddy Wheel, Arksey

  • I had my fascias and soffits repaired by Doncaster Fascias , who are specialists and could not be happier! The entire process from the quote for my fascias and soffits repair to the installation was very easy. There was never any surprises. When any issues with my fascias and soffits came up I was addressed upfront and at the completion of my repair I knew exactly what the fascias and soffits replacement cost was to be. I think the best fascias and soffits companies in my area.

    Chrisian Masonly, Borough Of Doncaster

  • Just got a new fascias and soffits replacement from Doncaster Fascias. Yes, I read the reviews on Google and Yelp. Over the past three years I had quotes from three or four companies. They were not the cheapest or the most expensive. They seemed to be right in the middle. Not only am I pleased with the result, but the guys left my fascias and soffits looking better than when they arrived. I was happy with my fascias and soffits replacement and the fair price.

    Lizzy Mann, Warmsworth

  • I was need of a fascias and soffits repair. I had a fascias and soffits that really needed repairing or a new fascias and soffits installation, which was my concern. The cost to replace the fascias and soffits was worrying me, so I called Alan at Doncaster Fascias, who are an expert fascias and soffits company. I needed help, Alan and was very helpful and the fascias and soffits cost wasn't too bad, great job thank you.

    Cliven Rushly Jr, Loversall

  • Soffit and Fascia Service

    We Are The BEST Answer To the Question - 'Are there any Fascia and Soffit Replacement Experts Near Me?'

    Our Professional Team of Fascia Installers in Doncaster use their wealth of experience to offer a quality service and install only the best quality fascias, soffits and plastic cladding that is available on the market today.

    We offer a range of high quality exterior fittings and products in a vast range of colours to meet your style requirements. Rely on us to completely remove your existing fascias and exterior fittings and replace them with quality products as part of the service.

    We believe Doncaster Fascias have he best fitters in the industry you'll have peace of mind knowing you will have received a professional installation and that your home is protected from the elements. Our fittings not only look great but are made from strong and durable materials so are guaranteed to last for many years into the future.

    We pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy and respectful of our customers. Please Call Us On 0191 580 1313

    Call Us 0191 580 1313

  • Doncaster Soffits & Fascias

    We are your Local Fascias and Soffits Company with vast experience in the Bentley, Doncaster, Arksey, Borough Of Doncaster, Warmsworth, Loversall, Kirk Sandall, Sprotbrough, Armthorpe, Adwick Le Street, Carcroft, Cantley, Wadworth, Wadsworth, Barnby Dun, Barnby Don, Marr, Pickburn, Rossington, Conisborough and Surrounding Areas.

    We have experience in all kinds of Fascia and Soffit Repairs.  We are fast and competitively-priced, and you will get the benefit of our specialised experience.

    What are Fascias and Soffits?


    Fascia and soffit installers in Portsmouth

    Fascias are the horizontal construction underneath the roofline that the guttering is connected to. Most fascias within the United Kingdom are actually mainly made of uPVC. Soffits are the bottom of the fascia. Together they preserve timber roof structures and brickwork, by moving water away.


    Why do we need Fascias, Soffits, Cladding and Guttering?


    They safeguard parts of your house from water damage and mould, like the brickwork. They may also positively enhance the look of your house.


    Why do my Fascias, Soffits and Cladding need to be Changed?


    Fascias, soffits and cladding are often produced from softwood and thus will decay and deteriorate with time, however well-maintained they've been. Total elimination of that old wood using modern uPVC materials is a far greater solution than cosmetic cladding as any wood left in position will continually rot, making further remedial work necessary later on.


    Why use uPVC and not Wood?


    You will find several benefits, probably the most helpful ones being the potential to deal with weathering, much reduced maintenance, no bending, no decaying, no cracking and no painting is required. So maintenance free!!


    Is Scaffolding Needed?


    To get into most areas we've our own equipment that we'll move around your home. If places are uncovered that are unsafe to make then scaffold will have to be erected for the property or building.


    What is required to Maintain my Fascias and Soffits?


    At the very least, clean your fascia and soffits in Bentley, Doncaster, Arksey, Borough Of Doncaster, Warmsworth, Loversall, Kirk Sandall, Sprotbrough, Armthorpe, Adwick Le Street, Carcroft, Cantley, Wadworth, Wadsworth, Barnby Dun, Barnby Don, Marr, Pickburn, Rossington, Conisborough and Surrounding Areas two times annually, at the end of spring and late autumn. If you reside in a woodland area, cleaning them more often makes more sense. Regularly cleaning the uPVC with warm soap and water will keep the majority of the grime away. UPVC cleaner is available for more stubborn stains.


    How long does it take to Install Fascias and Soffits?


    This is dependent about how much work is involved, on average it can take between one to three days for one to five bed room houses.

    Most repairs can be carried out using either a ladder, but occasionally, due to Health and Safety, we might need to use Scaffolding Towers.

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  • Fascia And Soffits Services Across Doncaster

  • What Do We Offer In Doncaster

    We are proud to be able to provide you fascias and soffit solutions so that you'll end up with a quality service that fits within your budget.


    • Speed
      We have years of experience with different fascias and soffits installations.  We are ensure that your fascias and soffits is installed quickly, safely and without any compromises.   We will plan the job around your diary and ensure you receive the best price, which is guaranteed.
    • Cost Savings
      Along with our fast installation, our expertise allows us to reduce other materials that are often required when building new fascias and soffits and this will help you keep your costs down.
    • Durability
      Most of our solutions are guaranteed to last 20 years. We use quality materials. Your fascias and soffits will be weather resistant, and of course waterproof.
    • Sustainability
      The materials that are used in our solutions don't contain any halogens or metals. It is 100% recyclable. We provide an environmentally-friendly choice.



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